Multi point monitoring now available

Posted by: on 14th October 2016 at 12:30 pm
Multi point monitoring now available

 STS Instruments are now able to offer multipoint sampling for siloxanes in Biogas Plants supplying CHP engines.  Using a system of automatic solenoid valves customers can now choose to sample at up to 3 different points in the gas chain.

 This enables either multiple filters to be read by the same instrument or to analyse the gas before a carbon filter and after the filter allowing the efficiency of the filtering to be calculated.  With 3 points it is possible to now monitor a dual filter set-up where there is a lead-lag or primary-secondary filter arrangement so that the efficiency and loading of both filters can be calculated.

Identifying the ideal time to change the filters not only maximises the filters capacity (and potentially reduces filter costs) but also enables operators to make decisions as to how much -if any - siloxane them are going to allow in to the engine.  Siloxane contamination in the engines leads quickly to a deposit of glass like material coating internal engine surfaces such as piston liners - in turn causing abrasive wear and allowing combustion gasses to pass piston ring seals.  The results are increased maintenance costs and downtime, loss of ROC income and generation income and potentially failure of emissions standards which could lead to complete shutdown for overhaul.

The switching valves are operated from the STS Siloxane Monitor via a user interface allowing control over the sampling point and routine.  Generated data can be sent via supplied telemetry to provide trending information and early warning of filter breakthrough.