Severn Trent Green Power Trial

Posted by: on 9th June 2016 at 11:50 am
Severn Trent Green Power Trial

 STS Instruments have comenced a 6 week trial with Severn Trent Green Power at one of their Food Waste AD plants.  The trial using STS's Siloxane Monitor system aims to rapidly identify when Siloxane breakthrough occurs in the sites activated carbon filters.  The data produced will enable the Site Managers to both maximise the life of their Carbon filters and prevent engine damaging siloxanes from being sent to the CHP engines.

This is the first trial of the monitor on a food waste plant. Initial suggestions were that food waste would not contain any traceable amount of Siloxanes but this has been shown to be incorrect with siloxane related engine problems now being reported from food waste CHP plants.  Siloxanes are used in a huge number of products including packaging but in foods they are used as an oil substitute in low calorie products such as chips, dressings and mayonnaise.