Viridor sites clock up 11,000 readings

Posted by: on 10th October 2017 at 3:25 pm
Viridor sites clock up 11,000 readings

STS Siloxane Monitors have been installed on 2 of Viridor's landfill sites for over 2 years and have just clocked up over 11,000 readings.  

The consistency and integrity of the data has provided Viridor with vital information on the health of their Carbon Filters allowing optimisation of changes and maximising CHP engine protection. 




                                             STS Version 1. Monitor.  Cabinet_cut_out_web.jpg

The Siloxane Monitors have performed very reliably requiring little maintenance and without any significant drift in calibration since initial installation.  Several upgrades have been added to the units including upgraded software, additional instrument data logging and remote telecommunications.  

The remote comms allows the units to be monitored from any PC via a dedicated website, current and historical data is displayed for each site in graphical and numeric forms allowing rapid management decisions.  The comms also provide information on the instrument status and alerts can be sent to users on generation of set breach points and for error reporting.

New_Kiosk.jpg New STS Version 3 Monitor.

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