Wessex Water Trial STS Siloxane Monitor

Posted by: on 14th January 2016 at 12:10 pm
Wessex Water Trial STS Siloxane Monitor

 Wessex Water are currently trialing the STS Siloxane Monitor at their Avonmouth Sewage Treatment Works. The trial which is running for 6 weeks will provide Wessex with unique data that they have never had previously regarding the quality of the biogas generated by the AD plant and being burnt in their 5 engines.  


The Avonmouth site runs with a regenerative filter system designed to remove siloxanes from the gas before reaching the engine.  Up until now the only control on these filters comes from the taking of grab bag samples for analysis which can be misleading given the momentary nature of a single sample.  The STS Instruments Siloxane Monitor however provides readings once an hour and allows trended data to be plotted establishing the levels of siloxane being passed into the engines over days and weeks.  The monitor can therefore be used to adapt regeneration regimes to best efficiency in terms of both energy usage and siloxane removal.