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STS is an English company, now in our 25th year of trading!

We are a small (but we consider perfectly formed) company who have a diverse range of scientific and engineering skills which we utilise in the design, manufacture and sale of a range of scientific instruments.

Our consdierable experience in taking concepts from the drawing board to production has enabled us to think laterally when designing new products, to be 100% customer focused and to grow a solid and profitable company.

STS utilise a wide spectrum of contractors and sub contractors which allows us to draw on a huge pool of skill sets on everything from Optical and Electronic design through to precision engineering and pcb manufacture.  This flexibility allows STS to move quickly and effiently where other larger organisations are restricted by large overhead and beuracracy.

A potted history of STS:

Our first range of instruments were Simulation products for training workers in the Nuclear, Homeland Security and Emergency Services sectors. The simulators were designed to replicate ionising radiation fields and contamination using modified real instruments and later our range of Generic monitors. STS now sells its Radiation Simulation systems throughout the world via a network of distributors.

To support the manufacture of gas detectors for our surface monitoring simulators, we have developed skills in forming, welding and soldering very thin- 10 micron - platinium wire and we now offer this as a service.

Through a development exercise, we began considering unusual fluorescence measurement techniques which led to the SMF2 – the World's first portable spectrofluorimeter. This rapidly found uses in security printing, agricultural research and in very specific river water analysis. Next came the SMF 3, a whole body monitor with applications in the precise measurement of contamination on workers handling toxic chemicals such as pesticides, industrial chemicals and Chemical Warfare agents. Most recently the SMF4 has been developed and sold for the monitoring of organic pollution in water and most often for the tracing of misconnections between households and the sewer network.

We have always looked to develop new products and measurement techniques even in diverse fields. Our latest product range the STS Siloxane Monitor is again a new field for us and in a new market. The Siloxane Monitor is used to measure damaging contaminants in gas supplied from Anerobic Digesters and Landfill sites to electricity generating engines.

STS have a proven track record in developing new products and have successfully gained recognition for our innovation through grants from the Dti, TSB and WRAP and awards including a Silver award from the European Environmental Press.

We are always keen to consider new projects – just let us know how we can help.


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